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Department of Polymer Ding Jiandong Task Force Recruitment of a number of scientific research assistant

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Fudan University Department of Polymer Science Biomedical Materials Group (Ministry of Education Changjiang scholar research team), in order to meet the needs of the research group of scientific research results, is now facing a number of internal and external recruitment of research assistants.

1 , job responsibilities

1 ) Study on synthesis and amplification of medical macromolecules

2 ) the development of new biological materials, including performance design, synthesis preparation, characterization and so on

3 ) the development of hydrogel medical device products, including product packaging design, sterilization process, testing and analysis, biocompatibility evaluation methods, technical information, etc., with the product registration

(Assume all or part of the above work)

2 , application conditions: 1 ), loyal and trustworthy, good character, love work. 2 ), usually with a master's degree or above. Such as undergraduate education need to have more than three years of work experience. The following three categories of personnel are preferred: a) personnel with R & D or market experience in medical device products; b) personnel with expertise in polymer synthesis and polymer characterization; c ) cell biology background, good biocompatibility Research staff


3 ), have better reading ability in English and Chinese, verbal and written ability, have a good team spirit.

3 , the nature of labor:   Fudan University research assistant

(Not Fudan University in the staff, labor dispatch of the nature of the labor contract system). The research group hopes to employ research assistants for a long time. If the research team is willing to engage in the job for a long time, the research group is willing to renew the contract.

4 , treatment:   annual salary of about 12-15 million, the specific situation Negotiable. The other in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of Fudan University (such as the enjoyment of four gold, a Fudan University card, a professional division of professional qualification qualification opportunities, etc.).

5 , the candidates need to provide information

CV 1 part (want more detail, including the candidate recent photo 1 electronic or scanned copies of other important materials Zhang, including family situation, etc.), degree certificate.


6 , contact information

Please send your application materials by e-mail to the following address and indicate your location.
Contact: Professor Yu Lin
Tel: 021-65642531

7 , Closing Time: 2017 Nian 10 Yue 15 Ri

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