Post Doctor of Space Physics at Birkeland Center for Space Science (BCSS) University in Bergen, Department of Physics and Technology Norway

Post Doctor of Space Physics at Birkeland Center for Space Science (BCSS)


At the Department of Physics and Technology, there is a vacancy as postdoctoral in space physics with a focus on ionospheric dynamics driven by both solar wind-magnetosphere interchange and internal processes. The main focus for positioning is interpreting ground and satellite measurements with emphasis on testing and improvement of current physical understanding. The positions are for a period of 3 years and will be part of the Birkeland Center for Space Science (BCSS ).


About the project / work assignments

BCSS is organized into two instrumentation groups, one education and dissemination group, and four research groups to answer the following questions:


1) When and why is the aurora in the two hemispheres asymmetric? 
2) How do we get beyond the static large-scale picture of the ionosphere? 
3) What are the effects of particle precipitation on the atmospheric system? 
4) What is the role of energetic particles from thunderstorms in geospace?


The postdoctoral office will belong to the research group focusing on question 2. One main goal for this group is to understand processes that control ionospheric dynamics. Desserts include external effects, for example, linking to the interplanetary magnetic field and processes in the internal magnetosphere, and internal effects as small scale structures in plasma shadows, convection channels, northern light structures, and variations in electrical conductivity. Birkeland strains play an important role in the electrodynamic coupling between the magnetosphere and the ionosphere and are of particular interest. The project focuses on the combination of analysis and interpretation of complementary groundbreaking and satellite observations of ionospheric dynamics. The main data set to be used includes:AMPERE, SWARM, CHAMP, DMSP, SuperDARN, SuperMAG, EISCAT, GNSS receivers, solar wind data, magnetosphere measurements and other ground-based instruments in the polar ionosphere. For context and in support of the physical understanding, one expects to use modern models and simulations of the near-value space. Particular attention will be paid to improving the physical understanding of the connections between different ionospherical effects and the consequences for magnetosphere ionosphere coupling.


Qualifications and Qualities

  • Applicants must have obtained Norwegian PhD. - degree or equivalent education within space physics or have submitted the doctoral thesis to be considered before the application deadline has expired. It is a prerequisite that the doctorate is achieved before appointment can take place.
  • Applicants must have good programming and analytical skills.
  • Applicants must be able to work independently, structured and have good cooperative skills.
  • Applicants must have good English proficiency, written and verbal.


Personal and interpersonal skills will be emphasized. Research experience, ambition and potential will also be emphasized when assessing candidates.


For this position, we look especially for one searcher who has these finishes:

  • Comprehensive knowledge before ionopharmacology
  • Documented knowledge of the theoretical concept of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling in the near-space
  • Experience from the analysis of different ground-based and space-based observations of the ionosphere
  • Experience from interpreting ionospherical observations before ionospheric dynamics and magnetosphere ionosphere coupling
  • Experience from research on ionospheric dynamics questions the solar wind's interaction with the magnetosphere
  • Experience with analysis of large-scale scientific data sets


Those who are added should have experience before data analysis and have good theoretical understanding before more of these areas. Detailed and documented experience with enough of data sets above is highly desirable.


About postdoctoral positions


The postdoctoral position is a top priority and has as its main objective to qualify the person who is added to work in science-based top positions. The target period for this position is 3 years. If the host added is lacking in teaching experience, it may be appropriate to add the addition period to 3 years and 3 months, where the three additional months are hosted by the department. Teaching and other duties for the department will be added as posts in the post. No one can attend for more than one year as a postdoctor at the same institution.


At the postdoctoral position, attach to externally funded projects, completion of the plan for qualification will take place in dialogue with project manager / center leader.


It is a prerequisite that the person being added will complete the project during the vesting period.


We can offer

  • a good and professionally challenging working environment
  • salary after salary step 57 (code 1352 / salary frame 24, option 1) in the salary regulation to the state upon appointment. This amounts to a yearly salary of NOK 486 100, - - NOK 490 900, - gross. For highly qualified applicants, it may be appropriate to consider higher pay. Further promotion takes place after tenance seniority.
  • membership of the Government Pension Fund
  • position in an inclusive workforce project (IA work)
  • good welfare schemes


The application must contain

  • a short statement about the applicant's research interests and motivation to search for the position

  • name and contact information for two reference persons, one of which should be the principal director of doctoral education

  • CV

  • diplomas and diplomas, as well as confirmation that the doctoral dissertation has been delivered

  • relevant certificates

  • list of scientific work (publication list)

  • any publications

Applications and attachments with certified translations to English or a Scandinavian language must be uploaded in JobNorge.


General information

Further information about the position can be obtained from: Senior Advisors Therese Moretto Jørgensen, Department of Physics and Technology, e-mail:


The state labor force must reflect as much as possible the diversity of populations. It is a staff policy goal to achieve a balanced age and gender composition. People with immigrant backgrounds and disabled people are encouraged to search for the position.


We encourage women to search. If more applicants have similar qualifications, debt rules for moderate gender quotas.


The University of Bergen is gaining access to education in scientific positions.


Information about the searcher can be made public even if the applicant has requested not to be taken on the search list. If the request is not followed, the applicant shall be notified of this.


More about the application process here .

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