University Lecturer in Theoretical Physics Lund University, Faculty of Science, Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics Sweden

University lecturer in theoretical physics

Lund University, Faculty of Science, Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics


Lund University was founded in 1666 and is ranked recurrently as one of the world's 100 leading universities. There are 42,000 students and 7,400 employees in Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö. We are united in our quest to understand, explain and improve our world and human condition.


The Faculty of Science is conducting research and education in biology, astronomy, physics, geoscience, chemistry, mathematics and environmental science. The activities are conducted at ten institutions gathered in the northern university area. The Faculty has approximately 1900 students, 330 graduate students and 700 employees.


The Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics conducts research and education in three main areas: astronomy and astrophysics; theoretical particle physics; as well as computational biology and biological physics. Our research is curiosity driven, based on the quest to understand how reality is built, from the smallest particles to the universe as a whole, as well as life itself. Within all three areas we have an internationally strong position and we are actively working to further strengthen our international reputation.

The particle physics group currently consists of seven senior researchers, two postdoctors and ten PhD students. Research is conducted in three main areas: different aspects of QCD and phenomenology at collideers, with emphasis on event generator development; hadron and flavor physics, primarily using chiral disturbance theory; as well as phenomenology of physics beyond the standard model, especially Higg physics and unified gauges. Further information about the group is available on the website


The group has good relations with the experimental particle physics group in Lund, a member of ATLAS and ALICE, who also studies the possibilities of physical physics experiments at the European Spallation Source, which is now being constructed in Lund.


Job description 

duties mainly cover research within or in close proximity to the three areas where the group of theoretical particle physics is active, preferably overlapping with at least two of them, in order to maintain and strengthen the group's cohesion, as well as teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate education. However, research must be conducted at least 70% of full time. The content of the work assignments, as well as the distribution between research and teaching, may change over time.


The employee is expected to be able to conduct active research in the subject area, which also involves an active effort to seek external funding for the activities at the institution and to develop cooperation with units in universities as well as other Swedish and foreign organizations working with similar issues. The employee is also expected to take certain responsibility for the collegial management of the institution.



Qualified to be employed as a university lecturer is the one who has demonstrated educational skill and has obtained a doctorate or has equivalent scientific competence (according to the university regulations 4 chap. 4).


For this position, the applicant must have obtained a doctorate in the field of theoretical particle physics or related subjects.


For the job, college education is required in at least five weeks or that corresponding knowledge has been obtained in another way. In special cases, exceptions may be made from this requirement.


For teachers at Lund University, as a general qualification requirement, it is appropriate to have and have the necessary skills to perform the tasks well.


Basis of assessment

Documented scientific proficiency is required within or in close proximity to preferably several of the areas in which the group of theoretical particle physics is active. Applicants will present their current research as well as a research plan for the next few years, and how they can contribute to the research at the institution. Scientific merits will be assessed mainly based on quality and number of expertly reviewed scientific publications.


Today, the extent of research and postgraduate education is strongly dependent on individual researchers' skill and ability to attract external funding. Accordingly, it is required that the applicant has documented ability to obtain research grants in national and / or international competition.


Documented experience and ability to teach and develop courses in the own and adjoining areas of both basic and advanced level (including postgraduate education) are credible as well as documented experience in the supervision of graduate students and doctoral students. Documented experience of communicating science and the importance of research for society is significant and meritorious.


The appointment will also take into account how the applicant can strengthen and supplement the institution's research and teaching in the subject field.


The examination of the pedagogical skills should be given as much care as the examination of the scientific skill.


The appointment will take into account Lund University's employment plan .


We expect that a non-Swedish-speaking executive within three years acquires sufficient knowledge in Swedish to be able to teach and communicate with the university's various bodies in this language.



A highly qualified university lecturer can apply for promotion to professor after the employment has begun.


Application form and content

application must be written in English and reported according to the Faculty of Science's instructions for applicants for teacher employment .


Lund University welcomes applicants with different backgrounds and experiences. We see equality and diversity as a strength and asset.

Welcome with your application!

We discard all contacts from advertisers, recruitment and agency companies due to government procurement rules.

Type of employment Permanent

Extent of employment Full-time

Access 2018-09-01 or by agreement.

Salary Monthly Salary

Number of vacancies 1

employment rate 100%

place Lund
County Skåne County

Land Sweden
References PA2017/2963

Bitr prefect Johan Rathsman, 046-222 34 95,
Recruitment Officer Helen Johansson, 046 222 36 09,

Union representative
OFR / ST: Trade Union ST Office, 046-222 93 62,
SACO: Saco Council at Lund University, +46 (0) 22 22 93 64,
SEKO: Seko Civil, 046-222 93 66,

Published 2017-11-20
Application deadline 2017-12-18

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