SNSF Assistant Professors and Ambizione Programs USI Università della Svizzera italiana, Swiss National Science Foundation Switzerland

Call for candidates to apply to the SNSF Assistant Professors and Ambizione


The Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) welcomes excellent candidates to the two programs of the Swiss
National Science Foundation (SNSF): Ambizione and Eccellenza.
- Ambizione awards four-years grants for researchers who fulfil following criteria:

- At least 12 months of postdoctoral research activity at a different institution from that of
the doctoral thesis.

- Maximum 4 years from the doctorate.

- Eccellenza funds junior professor positions for researchers who fulfil following criteria:

- At least 2 years of research experience after the PhD (and, in most cases, up to 8 years
from the PhD).

- Degree from an institution of higher education in Switzerland or at least 2 years of activity
at a Swiss higher education institution by the submission deadline.

- Research stay of several years at an institution different from that where the doctorate was
obtained, thereof at least 1 year abroad.

These are highly competitive and prestigious grant schemes targeted to post-doctoral researchers wishing
to pursue an academic career in Switzerland.

Candidates should fulfil the following conditions:

- They have an excellent academic track record, especially in terms of publications (commensurate to
the academic age) and firm ambitions to pursue an academic career.

- They match the SNSF requirements for Ambizione or Eccellenza concerning citizenship, mobility,
academic age. Mobility criteria are highly important for these programs, which are primarily
oriented to people coming to USI from outside.

- They demonstrate interest in scientific domains represented at USI (see the USI website).
Potential candidates fulfilling these requirements should send the following documents to the USI Research
Service ( for Ambizione; for Eccellenza):

- A complete CV including publication list;

- A statement of their interest for USI, indicating their specific research interests, how they fit into
USI scientific profile, and identify the host institute in which they expect to be integrated.

Deadline for submitting applications:

- Ambizione: 15th of August (SNSF deadline 1st November).

- SNSF Professorships: 5th of December (SNSF deadline 15th February).

Applications will be first subject to a formal verification of the criteria indicated and then assessed by the
relevant Faculty and department concerning the scientific quality, fit with USI scientific profile and chances
of success at the SNF. No response will be given to application, which clearly do not meet the criteria.

We underline that this procedure aims at identifying good candidates, which deserve support from USI when
submitting their application to SNSF; USI has no influence on the selection process at the SNSF, which is solely
based on the scientific quality of applicants.

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