Professorship in Marine and Aquatic Research (Tenure Track) Åbo Akademi University Finland

Associate Professor/ Professor in Marine and Aquatic Research (Tenure Track)

Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU) is an internationally acknowledged research university with an extensive
responsibility for providing education in Swedish in Finland. With its international research community and its strong
Nordic ties, Åbo Akademi University has an acclaimed and recognized position within research and education both
nationally and internationally. The Faculty of Science and Engineering is a dynamic and cross-border environment in
which versatile research is conducted, among other things, from the Academy's profile areas Sea and Molecular
Process and Material Technology.

Åbo Akademi University is opening a position as Associate Professor or Professor in Marine and Aquatic
Research within the tenure-track career system, starting August 1st 2019 (or earlier, if so agreed). The position
will be placed in Åbo (Turku), Finland.


Åbo Akademi University's established research in marine biology, ecology and the environment is both nationally
and internationally acclaimed. In accordance with Åbo Akademi University's strategy, the Sea has been chosen as
one of the university's profiling areas. The Sea is a multidisciplinary profiling area, linking faculties across the
university. The area for this tenure track position is marine and aquatic research, which is primarily represented in
the subject of environmental and marine biology. Other subjects at the faculty also conducting aquatic research,
e.g. geology and mineralogy, as well as analytical chemistry and inorganic chemistry, may support the
development of the marine and aquatic research profile.


Marine research at Åbo Akademi University aims to broaden towards a research profile that includes focus on
solutions, which will benefit and stimulate societal advancements and innovative sustainable development. The
subject Environmental and Marine Biology, as well as the profile, collaborate intimately with other marine research
institutes and universities in Finland, the Nordic and the Baltic Sea region. The subject covers topics from the
molecular and genetic level, via individuals and populations, to ecological communities and entire ecosystems
with focus on structure, function, behaviour, evolution and environmental challenges. The subject also has a
strong societal relevance and impact.

Information about the tenure-track career system and the qualification requirements for tenure track positions is
available in the Personnel Guideline for Åbo Akademi University (approved on August 17
2018): and in the appointment plan (unofficial translation).

The holder of the position shall conduct scientific research and research-based teaching. Applicants are expected
to have solid skills in quantitative aspects and numerical / mathematical modelling of marine biological,
ecological, oceanographic and / or biogeochemical properties. The main focus is on the Baltic Sea and its coastal
and catchment areas. In addition, the appointee must participate in research-based education consistent with the
education provided by the subject of environmental and marine biology. The tasks further include participation in
the development of the faculty's research- and teaching activities, procurement of research funds, participation in
national and international cooperation within the research field, as well as actively conducting outreach and
interacting with the surrounding society.

The position as Professor of Marine and Aquatic Research (tenure track) is to complement existing research in
marine biology and multidisciplinary research of the sea through numerical modelling of marine phenomena and
processes, including environmental issues. For the current position, experience of interdisciplinary and
multidisciplinary activities, as well as active communication with the surrounding community, is an additional

Information about the position, the qualifications and evaluation criteria for the position as well as information
about the tenure track system at Åbo Akademi can be found in the appointment plan (unofficial translation).

The salary for associate professors will be based on levels 6-7 and for professors on levels 8-11 of the job demand
level for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of Finnish universities. In addition a salary
component based on personal work performance will be paid. See the salary chart for teaching and research staff.

Good oral and written English skills are necessary for successfully managing the duties of a tenure track position.
Language requirements at Åbo Akademi University are defined in 78 § of the University Act (558/2009) and in the
Åbo Akademi University internal language instructions (accepted by the University Board 25 February 2010).
Foreigners and non-native Finnish citizens are exempt from the requirement to have knowledge of Swedish and
Finnish and will be eligible for the tenure track position as Associate Professor or Professor. However, as the
administrative and teaching language of the university is primarily Swedish, the person appointed should acquire
such knowledge of Swedish during his or her employment, so that he or she will be able to participate successfully
in teaching and administrative tasks in Swedish in the future. The university will actively provide support with this.

Applications should be submitted electronically via the electronic application form through the link below (leave
an application). The closing date for applications is November 30th 2018 at 3.00 pm Finnish time. The
application should include the following enclosures (in English):


1) An academic portfolio (drawn up in English), which should follow the university's Instructions for Composing an
Academic Portfolio, although the scope of the portfolio may exceed the recommended scope of the academic
portfolio. The applicant should enclose a list of personal publications, certified copies of diplomas and certificates
of merit and other completed achievements.

2) For tenure track level 2 and 3 (associate professor, professor), the applicant may submit a maximum of 10
publications to showcase competence. Applicants must mark the chosen 10 publications on the enclosed list of
publications. In addition to publications, the online address of the dissertation should be specified.

3) Documentation confirming the applicant's ability to lead research projects or other activities and obtain the
necessary research funding, and confirmation of teaching experience, during doctoral studies, and any supervision
of doctoral candidates.

4) A research proposal (6-10 pages).

5) A description of the applicant's view on the position applied for, how the applicant plans to successfully carry
out the duties of the position, and a reflection on development in the field (max. 3 pages).

6) A short pedagogical self-reflection (max. 1 page).

7) Any other documentation that strengthens the applicant's skills, including assignments and experiences in
consultation with the surrounding community.

8) The applicant's contact information (phone number, email address and mailing address) and contact details of
three reference persons, which the preparation team may contact if necessary.

For additional information, please contact Professor Erik Bonsdorff (departmental information),tel. +358 405363539, E-mail or HR Specialist Riikka Fagerström (application process), tel. +358 503589441, E-mail Åbo Akademi University is working for equal gender distribution and diversity in all staff categories.


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