Assistant Researcher in Carbonate Sedimentation and Diagenetic Basic Geology at the School of Earth and Space Sciences
Peking University School of Earth and Space Sciences

Job Responsibilities

1. Carry out research on marine carbonate sedimentation and diagenetic basic geology;


2. Carry out research on the development mechanism of marine carbonate reservoirs under deep burial conditions;


3. Participate in the exploration of oil and gas exploration in deep and ultra-deep carbonate rocks;


3. Participate in the special research mission of the National High-level Talents Special Support Program Scientists Studio;


4. Participate in research management and postgraduate management of the research group.


Application conditions

1. Good conduct, decent style, dedication, and a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork;

2. Ph.D. students in petroleum geology at high-level universities or research institutions at home and abroad (requires the same as Ben, Shuo, and Bo), with post-doctoral research experience, preferred, and the age is generally not more than 35 years old;

3. The professional foundation is solid, the research ability is strong, and the relevant professional software is skillfully applied;

3. Important scientific research experience in oil and gas exploration of marine carbonates in China and abroad is preferred.


The Application Materials

1) Individual application (requires clear application position, estimated time of arrival, etc.).

2) Individual detailed resume (including proof of employment, teaching statement, research statement, etc.).

3) A list of papers that have been published or accepted by individuals.

4) Individual academic work plan for the next 3-5 years.

5) A letter of recommendation from three or more independent experts, in addition to a letter of recommendation from a tutor or co-teacher;

If you apply for a long-term position (professor or long-term associate professor), the college will conduct a peer-review peer review according to Tenure's assessment requirements. Individuals can provide a list of some suggestions, which will be directly contacted by our hospital.

6) Other materials (such as award certificates, appointment notices, etc.).


Contact information

Contact: Teacher Wang


If you apply for this position please say you saw it on Physicaloxy


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