Postdoctoral Scholar in Quantum Nanophotonics, Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Calgary, Department of Physics and Astronomy

The Department of Physics and Astronomy in the Faculty of Science at the University of Calgary is accepting applications for a Postdoctoral Scholar in Quantum Nanophotonics

Job Description:

Two postdoctoral positions in the lab of Prof. Paul Barclay are available for projects demonstrating nanophotonic and optomechanical technologies for applications in quantum information processing and sensing, including but not limited to quantum transduction, quantum memory, wavelength translation, and spin-photon entanglement. 

The first position will be based at NRC-Nano and NanoFAB, both located on the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton. Its emphasis will be on device nanofabrication and demonstration from materials such as diamond, silicon and gallium phosphide. It will also involve experiments probing the potential for these devices as sensors of nanoscale phenomena at room and ultralow temperatures.

The second position will be based at the University of Calgary. It will emphasize experiments on coherent optical manipulation of mechanical devices for applications such as quantum memory, and on experiments in the emerging field of “spin-optomechanics” that couple diamond colour centre spins (e.g. NV and SiV centres) to light via their mutual interaction with a mechanical resonator.

These projects will leverage and further develop photonic devices fabricated from high quality single crystal diamond material by members of Prof. Paul Barclay's Quantum Nanophtonics Lab, which have led to recent demonstrations of multimode optomechanical processes (wide bandwidth wavelength conversion), coherent photon-phonon coupling (optomechanical EIT) and nonlinear nanomechanic phenomena. Efforts to incorporate coupling between these devices and diamond spins (e.g. NV and SiV centres) in order to implement quantum information processing devices are on-going and will be a major focus of the successful candidate’s research project.

The positions will be supported by access to state of the art equipment and nanofabrication facilities, and the successful candidate will have the opportunity to participate in the setup of a newly funded ($2-3M) quantum transduction and networking lab. Exceptionally qualified candidates may be nominated for a University of Calgary Eyes High award.


Candidates should have experience in one or more of the following areas: nanofabrication, quantum emitter spectroscopy (e.g. quantum dots, NV centres, cold atoms), quantum material processing (annealing, implantation), or nanophotonic device design and experiment. Quantum optics experiment, cryogenics/low-T experiment, microwave circuit design and operation and NEMS device experience is also desirable.

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